Game Add-Ons

Neverwinter Nights is a very flexible game, and there are many add-ons available that can enhance your playing experience. Here’s a list of add-ons that we have tested and approved for use on the Hidden Tradition server. Unless you are running a very old slow computer, we definitely recommend adding these to your game, it will make it look much better.



Steam Workshop Add-Ons

If you are running NWN via Steam (which is highly recommended) all you have to do to install these add-ons is press the Subscribe button on the linked Steam Workshop page.

For even easier installation, we have collected our favourite add-ons in the Hidden Tradition Steam Collection. Just click on Subscribe to All to automatically install all of the packs listed.

  1. Neverwinter Nights HD Art Pack 1.0: 4.1 GB of HD models and textures.

  2. Cervantes Creature Override Compilation: Replaces many of the monster models in the game with much better looking versions.

  3. Colorized Spell Icons – Generation 2: This add-on is very handy for spellcasters who want a brighter Hotbar. It turns the standard drab spell icons into nice colour-coded versions instead.

HD Art Pack Direct Install

If you can’t use the Steam Workshop you can (and should) still install the HD Art Pack. You can get it here:


Installation: Download and run the installer. The installer should detect your game install folder. If not, browse to your existing game install.

All OS’s:

Installation: Download and extract into your existing Neverwinter Nights install folder.