Game Add-Ons

Neverwinter Nights is a very flexible game, and there are many add-ons available that can enhance your playing experience. Here’s a list of add-ons that we have tested and approved for use on the Hidden Tradition server. If you are running NWN via Steam (which is highly recommended) all you have to do to install these add-ons is press the Subscribe button on the linked Steam Workshop page.

For even easier installation, we have collected our favourite add-ons in the Hidden Tradition Steam Collection. Just click on Subscribe to All to automatically install all of the packs listed.

  1. Quality Fantasy Portrait Pack [275]: this should be considered pretty much compulsory for playing on the HT server. Many of our players use portraits from this pack, and if you don’t have it installed you won’t see them. So definitely subscribe to this if nothing else, it’s excellent!
  2. Colorized Spell Icons – Generation 2: very handy for spellcasters who want a brighter Hotbar, this turns the standard drab spell icons into nice colour-coded versions instead. Seems to work great in our tests so far.
  3. Verdant Wilderness Override Pack: this pack significantly improves the graphics in the outdoor areas of the game by adding nice High Definition trees, grass, and roads. If you are playing on a very old computer / graphics card you might find that this pack slows down your performance a bit, in which case just Unsubscribe from it to reset your game to the default graphics. In most cases though this should work very well, and is highly recommended.